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6" XL Replacement Roller QuickChange Fleece (for SK-5000) - ClariSea

6" XL Replacement Roller QuickChange Fleece (for SK-5000) - ClariSea
6" XL Replacement Roller QuickChange Fleece (for SK-5000) - ClariSea
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6" XL Replacement Roller QuickChange Fleece (for SK-5000) - ClariSea
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XL Version Roll Length - 137 ft vs 82 ft on the original style.

The ClariSea fleece filter is a high efficiency water filtration system which effectively removes suspended particles such as micro algae, detritus, food, organic waste and gravel dust from the water column. Suitable for use in marine aquariums, freshwater aquariums, fish-breeding systems and propagation systems for corals.

Filter fleece: 15cm (6”) width

Do you know that on each Clarisea XL roll there is the equivalent surface area of the following number of standard filter socks.

SK5000 XL - 115 x 4" Filter socks

Cost Savings

Think how often you need to change your filter socks!

Do you wash them or change them, if so what is your time worth every 3-4 days?

Incredible but true, compare the cost of both options to yourself and you will realiZe why the ClariSea Fleece Filter is so popular.

It is not really correct to state a micron size for this type of filter material as it can lead to confusion.Like all fleece filters of this type, including bag filters, the size of the particle removed by the media will continuously reduce as the fleece dirties.Example; with a 200 micron filter sock, the largest particle that should pass through when new is 200 microns, however as the media starts to collect dirt, the holes get blocked creating smaller and smaller passages and so the bag collects out smaller and smaller particles. It continues to do this until the head pressure can no longer force water through the small holes and it overflows.The ClariSea works in exactly the same way except that instead of overflowing and having to change or clean the bag, it automatically rolls on to expose a fresh piece of material. The fresh fleece will allow larger particles to pass through and the dirtier material will stop smaller particles.

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