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Ammonium Chloride for Fishless Cycling - Dr Tim's (500 grams)

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Ammonium Chloride for Fishless Cycling - Dr Tim's  (500 grams)
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  • DrTim’s Aquatics Ammonium Chloride Aquarium Treatment for Fishless Cycling Easily convert fish waste in your saltwater aquariums and tanks to a non-toxic form when combining this ammonium chloride solution with fast-acting One & Only Cleaning Solution from DrTim’s Aquatics.
  • Over time, harmful waste and bacteria can cloud the environment for your corals and fish. Typically, solutions can take up to 45 days to regulate the aquarium water.
  • Powerfully eliminating new tank syndrome, this chloride-free ammonium chloride solution works to remove toxic nitrite and ammonia naturally and quickly
  • Perfect for when you are adding new fish or corals, setting up a new saltwater or freshwater aquarium, changing the filter or changing fish tank water, ammonium chloride solution and One & Only offer a powerful combination to provide your aquatic creatures with an all-natural and safe environment.
  • With formulas backed by scientific research and innovation, DrTim’s Aquatics’ products ensure that your fish and corals have a clean and safe environment. Features: - For Freshwater, Reef, Saltwater Tanks, Aquariums - No Chlorine - Feeds Nitrifying Bacteria - 100% Natural

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