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Aquacultured Laura's Purple Polyp Acropora Coral (Acropora sp.) - ORA

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Laura’s Purple Polyp is a compact branching coral that displays a beautiful emerald green base coloration. However, the real highlight of this piece is the teal tipped branches and bright purple polyps.

We purchased this coral in 2011 as an Australian “Purple Polyp Nasuta”. In addition to being hardy and fast growing, the vivid colors are similar to some of the most sought after corals in the trade. The best coloration is achieved with higher kelvin, high intensity lighting, but acclimate to very strong lighting slowly to avoid the loss of green color.

Placement: Middle – Top

Lighting: Medium – High

Flow: Moderate – High

Approximate Purchase Size:  1" - 2"

**ORA Fish are Shipped Directly from ORA Facilities and not from SaltwaterAquarium**

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