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Aquacultured Pink Birdsnest Coral (Seriatopora hystrix) - ORA

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Aquacultured Pink Birdsnest Coral (Seriatopora hystrix) - ORA
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The ORA Pink Birdsnest is a thin branching Seriatopora with luminous pink branches and polyps. Lower branches of Pink Birdsnest colonies tend to grow out then curve downward, something we only see with this Seriatapora variety, giving large colonies a “weeping willow” appearance.

Placement: Middle – Top

Lighting: Medium – High

Flow: Moderate – Strong

Approximate Purchase Size: 1" - 2"

Photos are a representation only. Actual fish and corals may vary.

**ORA Fish are Shipped Directly from ORA Facilities and not from SaltwaterAquarium**

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