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Bulk Aquarium Large Particle Carbon - Calgon (1 Gallon - 3 lbs)

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Bulk Aquarium Large Particle Carbon - Calgon (1 Gallon - 3 lbs)
Bulk Aquarium Large Particle Carbon - Calgon (1 Gallon - 3 lbs)
Bulk Aquarium Large Particle Carbon - Calgon (1 Gallon - 3 lbs)
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Bulk Aquarium Large Particle Carbon - Calgon (1 Gallon - 3 lbs)
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We’ve partnered with Kolar Labs to bring the best available aquarium carbon directly to consumers. Calgon Carbon’s CRYSTAL CAL granular activated carbon is true liquid phase activated carbon made for aquariums. This laboratory grade granular activated carbon will make a difference in your tank.  This is a true liquid phase granular activated carbon, developed to clarify aquarium water specifically for Kolar Labs. Unlike other activated carbon that are designed for air purification, the Crystal Cal carbon is designed specifically for water purification.  Crystal Cal Carbon is a 4x12 mesh carbon with very low dust. It is an excellent Reef Aquarium quality carbon, at a very affordable price.

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Crystal Cal Activated Carbon was painstakingly sourced by our partners at Calgon Carbon and is made specifically for aquarium water filtration. It features a sub-bituminous coal base with optimum pore structure to help remove colors, tannins, odors, medications and other common contaminants from aquariums and ponds.

Crystal Cal’s unique fabrication process results in an activated carbon that combines the best of lignite and coal-based carbons for superior removal and mechanical stability. Crystal Cal has a large pore structure, similar to that of lignite carbons, for effective removal of higher molar weight color inducing molecules from aquariums. This effective pore structure is combined with dramatically improved mechanical stability of coal-based granules to resist physical breakdown and dust production results in an ideal product for aquarium use.

Most of the carbon sold for fish tanks is made to treat air, resulting in high levels of contaminants, such as phosphates, which may leach into water. All of our activated carbon is produced to rigorous food and drinking water standards for unparalleled consistency and quality that minimizes harmful trace contaminants. We are proud to say that Crystal Cal has low levels of extractables and dust and is washed and steam activated to higher standards of “Liquid Phase Carbon.”

PRO TIP - Studies have also shown that activated carbon will generally become exhausted around two weeks time. That is very dependent on amount of carbon, the quality and how you are employing it. I have always liked the idea of running a smaller amount and replacing it frequently. Every two weeks I replace the carbon on my tanks taking extra care to rinse the new carbon before it goes in my tank.
Best used in a media reactor, media bag, or canister filter.

  • FAST RESULTS: Works quickly to eliminate cloudy water, colors and odors overnight – guaranteed
  • TRUSTED SOURCE: Made according to Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) standards; Bringing you the highest quality, bulk and packaged Activated Carbon
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Laboratory grade granular activated carbon; Specifically made with optimum pore structure for aquarium use
  • WORKS IN ALL FILTERS: Large granules allow great flow in any filter media bag, cartridge or filter for efficient filtration; Use in reactors, canister filters, intank filters or hanging filters
  • EASY TO USE: Use 1 cup per 50 gallons (1 tablespoon for every 3 gallons); Change every 2-4 weeks; Short rinse before use

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