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Calcium (Ca) Test Kit - Elos

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Calcium (Ca) Test Kit - Elos
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Lab Quality Calcium (Ca) Water Analysis for the Marine Hobbyist

Calcium is the primary building block for corals, calms, calcareous algae and many other marine organisms that we grow in our aquarium. Accuracy and consistency is crucial to guarantee that you are providing optimal living conditions for your marine aquarium inhabitants. ELOS AquaTest Ca, offers a highly accurate test thanks to several procedures including:

Batch validated by NIST* for the most accurate Ca readout!
Calibrated Droppers - Every drop is exactly the same size!
Safe Non-toxic Lab Quality Reagents
Childproof PackagedReagents are clearly labelled
Easy to Use
50+ tests (depending on Ca levels)
Made In Italy

This test includes:

Calibrated Droppers - every drop administered is exactly the same size. You can do 1, 2, 3, 4x the test and the result will be always the same! Each predefined drop will produce 0.03 ml each of regent.

NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) certified batch Tested - Samples of each batch produced is sent out to NIST to validate  the test reagents for accuracy and consistency.*

Expiration dates, batch and lot numbers in every kit and every reagent - Careful batch management and proper storage within a stable environment results in full life of the test kit

Packaging, instructions and reagents are clearly labelled - Written and illustrated instructions along with professionally calibrated color charts, makes every elos test kit easy to understand and use.

Approximation test (reagent C): 1 drop = 50 mg/lt.
Precision test (reagent D): 1 drop = 10 mg/lt.

* a sample of each batch of regents is sent to NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) a independent seawater lab for accuracy.

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