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Emerald Crab (Mithraculus sculptus) - Clean up Crew

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Emerald Crab (Mithraculus sculptus) - Clean up Crew
Emerald Crab (Mithraculus sculptus) - Clean up Crew
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Emerald Crab (Mithraculus sculptus) - Clean up Crew
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Mithraculus sculptus is a small crab with a carapace longer than it is wide and large chelae (claws). The carapace is flat, shiny and green, finely sculpted, with whitish material adhering to the projections. The chelae are also green and are spoon-shaped and tipped with white. The walking legs are rather paler in color and are hairy and often covered with encrustations. This crab grows to a length of about 4 cm (1.6 in).

Mithraculus sculptus is largely nocturnal, hiding in caves, crevices and under rocks during the day. It is principally a scavenger but it also feeds on algae It is tolerant of both high and low temperatures and is capable of withstanding strong currents as it can use its legs to cling on to the substrate. It is often to be seen among the branches of corals such as the finger coral (Porites furcata) where it feeds on the polyps. It uses its chelae alternately, gathering a polyp with one claw while it feeds on a polyp held in the other. It has been observed to gather and consume ten polyps in a minute. It also feeds on organisms encrusting the leaf blades of turtle grass (Thalassia testudinum).

Mithraculus sculptus is sometimes kept in reef aquaria where it is said to be compatible with other reef species. It will feed on algae including bubble algae (Valonia ventricosa) and eat any left-over meaty foods but, if it is underfed, may consume coral polyps or small fish. Research has shown that it can be used to control excessive growth of bubble algae in aquaria, but best results are found when its diet is supplemented with mysids but not with pelleted food.

Clean Up Crews only Ship on Monday - Thursday to avoid sitting in hot/cold trucks & warehouses over weekends.  They all ship via UPS Overnight Service.

Clean Up Crew Basics & Why Ours are Different!

  1. We ship UPS Next Day on All Orders, no slow shipping no USPS, we want the best chance of success for all your tank inhabitants.
  2. All of our invert tanks are Fallow, we do not keep them with fish.
  3. If you have an issue with something dying, we will make it right by refund or reshipment. We know buying livestock online can be tricky at times.
  4. We don't buy/sell micro pea sized livestock. All of our snails, crabs, etc we purchase Medium to X Large sizes. I hate buying clean up crews online and getting hundreds of small barely viable inverts.
  5. We check your shipping location before packing and include the appropriate number of heat/cold packs. Being a larger company we aren't afraid to spend more on shipping and packing to give your animals the best chance at thriving.
  6. Flat Rate UPS Next Day Air anywhere in the lower 48 states.
  7. We are building this program from the ground up so we can control everything. We do not drop ship. We control the animals we select, the husbandry, prep, pick, pack, ship. The entire process.  We are just getting started.

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