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Flame Scallop - Cleanup Crew

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Flame Scallop - Cleanup Crew
Flame Scallop - Cleanup Crew
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Flame Scallop - Cleanup Crew
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Flame scallops rest in their own "nests", which are made of small coral pieces and rocks. Flame scallops are herbivorous, eating only phytoplankton. During the consumption process, flame scallops sift and sort through the phytoplankton with their palps to determine what is appropriate for ingestion.

Flame scallops have a rough shell and a red mantle. At the edge of the mantle are red and white tentacles. The flame scallop's vibrant red color is due to the large amount of carotenoids found within their body. Flame scallops can reach 3 inches in length. As is the case in almost all bivalves, the gills in this species are used both for respiration and filtration.

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