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Life Rock Reef Tree Kit (4 Piece) Shapes - CaribSea

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Life Rock Reef Tree Kit (4 Piece) Shapes - CaribSea
Life Rock Reef Tree Kit (4 Piece) Shapes - CaribSea
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Life Rock Reef Tree Kit (4 Piece) Shapes - CaribSea
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There is simply no better, no more spectacular way to aquascape your marine or reef aquarium. These open, light shapes not only provide lots of cover and “play area” for fish, but provide nice nooks and shelf areas for inverts too. CaribSea Reef Tree Kit, offers a Do-It-Yourself Option to create your very own unique Reef Tree with no glue, that is easy to reposition, and no curing!

Some damage my occur during shipping.  We do not replace broken rock.  If damage occurs please contact us we can supply you with some epoxy to reconnect the pieces.  We do everything in our power to pack these as best as possible.

Real aragonitic base rock, not cement, no curing. Extensive macro and micro-porosity infused with spored bacteria for outstanding biological performance. Clean and safe for all fish and inverts, environmentally responsible each piece being very unique.

All rock can be fragile. Some breakage can be expected while shipping heavy items like this. We make every effort to open, inspect and securely pack each box before it's leaves us. We have no control how the carriers handle it and some may break during shipping. Unfortunately, this is not covered by insurance so we are unable to replace broken pieces.

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