A160 Cannons

  • Spectral Controller X (360X) - Kessil

    Spectral Controller X (360X) - Kessil


    Equipped with flawless touch control and a vivid color display, the Spectral Controller offers effortless light control at the touch of your fingertips. Its straightforward approach to light control programming allows for endless customization options...
  • Tank Mounting Arm AP700, A360, A160 - Kessil

    Tank Mounting Arm AP700, A360, A160 - Kessil


    Compatible with A160, A360 & AP700 (TWO Required for AP700) For rimmed and rimless tanks, the new Mounting Arms are fully adjustable, compatible with A160 and A360 series, and offer better cable management. (Part# KSAGN01 Kessil Mounting Arm) *For...