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PINPOINT pH Probe Lab Grade Double Junction - American Marine

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PINPOINT pH Probe Lab Grade Double Junction - American Marine
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The PINPOINT® pH Electrode equals and exceeds lab quality by both specifcation and design.  The PINPOINT® pH Electrode has been designed as the most rugged, precise and full-featured probe offered to both the clinical lab and aquaculture markets. Borosilicate glass bulb is capable of fast and precise pH measurement for the entire range of pH from 0.00 to 14.00.

Probe body contains a fully sealed reference with double external reference junctions and is maintenance free. Connection to the electronic meter is a female BNC connector. External construction is fully submersible/waterproof blue polycarbonate body, 12mm diameter. Cable is high suppression jacket to shield from electrical interference with a length of 10 feet (3 meters).

Internal gel reference is 3M Ag-AgCl and delivers fast and accurate response across the entire pH range. Calibration/verification can easily be accomplished with PINPOINT® pH Calibration Fluids. Each sachet contains 20mL of fresh Calibration Fluid with a value of 4.00, 7.00 or 10.00. The ability of a pH probe to complete a calibration process in a short amount of time will determine the probe’s current state of accuracy and potential need for replacement.

  • Rugged, full-featured electrode
  • Lab Grade
  • Double Junction
  • Standard BNC Connector, can be used with most devices in the aquarium hobby.
  • Borosilicate glass bulb
  • Maintenance free
  • Entire probe is certified as fully waterproof/submersible
  • Fast response time

Range ............... 00.00 to 14.00
Body ................. Polycarbonate body (12mmODx150mm)
Sensor ............... Borosilicate glass bulb
Reference .......... Sealed, gel-fi lled, double external junctions
Temperature Range ............... 32°F-140°F, 0°C-60°C
Female BNC Connector connected to 10 foot (3 meter) high suppression cable.

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