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Reef Brite

Reef Bugs - Aquarium Coral Food - Reef Brite

Reef Bugs - Aquarium Coral Food - Reef Brite
Reef Bugs - Aquarium Coral Food - Reef Brite
Reef Bugs - Aquarium Coral Food - Reef Brite
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Reef Bugs - Aquarium Coral Food - Reef Brite
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Supercharge your reef. ReefBugs are an all natural live alternative to feeding corals, and other filter feeders. Reefbugs are live bacterioplankton and occupy a range of ecological niches in aquatic systems. They obtain energy by consuming organic material produced by other organisms. They live and grow in association with phytoplankton and particulate material such as marine snow. Reefbugs also play a key role in ecological pathways such as nitrogen fixation, nitrification, denitrification, and remineralisation.

ReefBugs COMPLETE™ is real live reef or marine “snow. It provides essential nutrition for hard and soft corals, filter feeders, and the cryptic organisms that are in live rock. Reef Bugs yields particles measuring less than one micron, up to macroscopic sizes. Smaller organisms are more efficient in this application as many organisms and their larvae need these organisms to feed upon. Those that prefer larger particles will benefit from the macroscopic particles and the aggregates formed by ReefBugs Complete.

These microbial aggregates, primarily bacteria and fungi, provide 30% or more of the planktonic matter raining down on the reef. They adhere to the coral’s surface where the corals retain them and “farm” them for their own use.  A section of natural coral reef the area of a one hundred gallon aquarium has approximately three quarters of a pound of Reef Bugs raining down upon it a day. ReefBugs Complete repeatedly inoculates your reef aquarium with pods and other desirable organisms which are necessary for balancing the substrate and the creatures colonizing it.

ReefBugs are not a plankton substitute; they are real live Microplankton. They adhere to particles in your water column creating live marine or reef snow. ReefBugs also enhances reproduction in pods. Corals and similar organisms capture living microbes in their mucus layer to help them predigest their food. Many corals cannot utilize food given to them without this process taking place. Even plankton must be broken down to be useful to many corals. ReefBugs Complete replicates this process by providing beneficial microscopic organisms that cling to particles and waste in your aquarium breaking them down so they can be utilized. ReefBugs range in size from one to ten microns.

Daytime use: add a quarter teaspoon per 50 gallons directly to aquarium in a high current area to evenly disperse three times a week. For maximum results add ReefBugs complete to a few ounces of aquarium water in a separate container and let sit for 20-30 minutes making sure to stir every ten minutes to ensure best hatch rate. One teaspoon or more a day can be used in an established reef tank

Nighttime use: add ReefBugs Complete when your lights are off to enhance reproduction in pods and other cryptic organisms.

Reef Bugs are natural, not frozen, not freeze dried, with no preservatives!

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