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Reef Nutrition Refugium Setup Kit (Large)

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Reef Nutrition Refugium Setup Kit (Large)
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The Reef Nutrition Refugium Starter Kit combines some of  the best brands and elements in one convenient package.  It includes a proven macro algae species (chaeto), large live amphipods (tigger), LIVE phyto to feed the pods, Cermedia filter cubes and fritz turbo start to help with any startup/cycling issues. (Refugium Light Not Included).

Large: The Perfect Kit for Starting off a Large Refugium or Reloading an existing setup.

  • 2x - Fritz Turbo Start 900 (4 oz.)
  • 12x - Cermedia Marine Pure 2" Bio Cubes
  • 2x - Reef Nutrition Tigger Pods (6 oz.)
  • 2x - Reef Nutrition Apex Pods (6 oz.)
  • 1x - Reef Nutrition LIVE Phytoplankton Concentrate (32 oz.)
  • 1x - ORA Chaetomorpha (Softball Ball Size)

To setup the kit.  First add the turbostart, bio cubes to a properly setup saltwater refugium.  Test your water to make sure it's safe for live animals then add the Chaetomorpha, Tigger Pods and some LIVE Phyto.  From there dose LIVE Phyto as needed to feed the pods - A common dosage for phyto is 1-5 drops per gallon (1-5 teaspoons per 100 gallons) each day, depending on your tank setup and animal density.

Fritz Turbostart 900 - FritzZyme® TurboStart® 900 contains the same proven strains of effective, Live Nitrifying Bacteria as FritzZyme 9, but at 15 times the concentration. TurboStart 900 reduces fish loss due to toxic levels of ammonia and nitrite. Establishing colonies of nitrifying bacteria the without FritzZyme can take weeks; FritzZyme TurboStart completely cycles aquariums in five days or less, allowing for safe, immediate addition of livestock. TurboStart may be added to new tanks or established systems any time the biofilter needs fortification including; after water changes, aggressive cleaning, adding new livestock, medicating, or changing filter media.

Cermedia Marine Pure Blocks - Live rock substitute-popular among reef hobbyists as a substitute for live rock because it reduces nitrates more efficiently without harming the environment.

Reef Nutrition Tigger Pods - Because Tigger-Pods (Tigriopus californicus copepods) swim upwards with a stimulating, jerky motion, they are attractive to a wide range of fish like Mandarin dragonets, Seahorses and Pipefish. They are easy to culture and perfect for propagation or restocking refugia. They breed rapidly, producing scores of eggs per female.

Reef Nutrition LIVE Phytoplankton - A blend of the 5 marine microalgae most commonly used by universities and hatcheries for their superior nutritional value for aqua culturing marine species of all kinds: Pavlova, Isochrysis, Thalassiosira weissflogii, Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, and Synechococcus. Super-nutritious food for filter feeders including corals, Tridacnid clams, scallops, feather dusters, tunicates and zooplankton. Particle size: 1-15 microns.

ORA Chaetomorpha Algae - Spaghetti Algae, as Chaetomorpha is sometimes referred to, grows in a tangled mass. It is most often used as refugium algae. When harvested regularly, it is an efficient method of nutrient export. Most fish will not find Chaetomorpha palatable.

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