Saltwater Aquarium Now Sells Frozen Food!

Saltwater Aquarium Now Sells Frozen Food!

New Product Category! We now sell the full lines of Ocean Nutrition and San Francisco Bay Brands FROZEN FOODS! Feed you Fish the Best!

Shipping Days - Frozen Foods are only shipped on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday to avoid busy shipping lane days.

Bulk Discount - If you order 10x or more of any Single Frozen Food Item there is a Bulk Discount of 20% Off the listed price! Stock Up and Save $$$!

Shipping - There will be a $29.99 surcharge added to any order that includes frozen food to cover the cost of the expedited shipping, dry ice & cooler. Frozen Foods are shipped in a separate shipment then all of your other supplies, fish, inverts, corals, etc.

Oct 04, 2022 K. Brown

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