What is Aquashella?

What is Aquashella?

I have recently heard so much debate over what Aquashella is... Aquashella is not a Saltwater Show... Aquashella is not a Freshwater Show. Its not a Frag Swap.. Its not a Trade Show an Art Show or even a Rave.

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Aquashella is a celebration of the entire Aquarium Hobby for the Aquarium Community, their kids, their family and friends. Aquashella is a chance for all of us to come together with people that are Fish Nerds like us.. It is our interpretation of every aspect we can try to show off of what we all find awesome about this industry. Its our opportunity to share what we love with each other and show off what we love to people that have not yet discovered it. Freshwater, Saltwater, Art, Speakers, Education and even some Exotic Animals and cute friends that we know fish lovers will enjoy seeing at the show. 

We are trying to grow our hobby, help our fish stores, or manufactures and our online businesses that have dedicated their lives to being in this industry. We are not trying to take other shows out or support one part of the industry over another. Every person on the Aquashella Team just genuinely loves all aquatic life and wants to celebrate it with an awesome Festival! Aquashella donates all raffle proceeds to Aquatic Non Profits trying to preserve our industry and we have raised over $25,000 to date! If you love what we are doing help me spread the word! I want all Freshy's and the Salty's, The people that roll around coral chests... and the people that roll around strollers with our future coral and fish lovers inside of them.

Join us in Dallas October 30th & 31st

Aug 31, 2021 SH

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