Why Does Every Aquarium Owner Need an Apex Controller?

Why Does Every Aquarium Owner Need an Apex Controller?

We believe that everyone who has an aquarium needs an apex, not just because we are selling them. An Apex can make your life so much easier while protecting you and your tank from any number of problems.  I simply cannot imagine NOT having an apex on my aquarium.  I will never go back. 

In addition to all the incredibly cool things an Apex does, first and foremost it protects your tank from all sorts of very common catastrophes like overheating due to faulty tank heaters or HVAC issues, fires from cheap plastic powerstrips, leakages and overflows, out of range parameters, etc.   Once issues are detected, the Apex takes corrective action to reduce the likelihood of serious damage and then notifies you so you can take it from there.

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Real World Examples of Why You Need One

  1. If your heater gets stuck in the on position, an Apex can simply turn off your heater and send you a text/email letting you know you have an issue before your entire tank get's fried.  What did all those fish, coral, etc cost you?  More then an Apex.
  2. If your sump/skimmer/tank/ato overflows and there is water on your floor, you will want to know about it.  An Apex can detect this and notify you.  This alone could save you thousands of dollars in home repair.  Do you know what 100 gallons of saltwater dumped your floor could cost you?  More then an Apex.
  3. Vacation?  Worries about your tank?  Don't be.  You can push a button on your phone, watch your aquarium and feed your fish.  Yes, you don't have to try to teach the house sitter how much food and when to feed your tank.  If your house sitter dumps the entire container of food in your tank while you are on a 2 week vacation in Jamaica, what will it cost you?  More then an Apex.
  4. Do you do water changes?  With an apex you can press one button and turn everything off.  One button.  It makes life easier and owning an aquariums so much more enjoyable.
  5. Do you dose?  An Apex monitors your PH.  If your doser get's stuck it can stop your tank from going to PH 10 and killing everything.  What would that cost you?  More then an Apex.
  6. Did you forget to add top off water to your ato setup?  Apex can let you know it's time to make some water, preventing your ato from running dry.
  7. Why do 99% of customers who have an Apex say they don't know how they every lived without it?  Simply because it works and can make your life easier!

Why Neptune Systems and not some other off brand controller? - Simple, Quality, Innovation and Support. Currently an Apex is the only real controller in the aquarium space. There are a lot of wannabe and maybes and possibles but what you want in a controller and manufacture is consistency and support. Neptune is always innovating, bringing new products to market and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Let's face it, with a controller there are going to be some times where you need a little help. Neptune is there to help and has a huge team of amazing customer support reps who will help you along the journey.

This article just scratches the surface on how an Apex from Neptune Systems can make your aquarium owning experience a good one.  Give it a try, it will be the best thing you have done for your aquaqrium in a long time.

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