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48" StingRAY 2 Silver Aquarium LED - Finnex

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48" StingRAY 2 Silver Aquarium LED - Finnex
48" StingRAY 2 Silver Aquarium LED - Finnex
48" StingRAY 2 Silver Aquarium LED - Finnex
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48" StingRAY 2 Silver Aquarium LED - Finnex
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The Finnex Stingray II Aquarium LED +Moonlights

The Stingray 2 LED series features such a slim hood that it is nearly unseen atop an aquarium. The Stingray 2 offers nearly double the amount of LEDs of the original Stingray, along with offering users the option of using a crisp blue moonlight for night time viewing pleasures. The Stingray 2 offers users three different colors in to their aquarium: 7.000K Daylight LEDs are used to brighten up the entire aquarium. In addition, 620Nm RED LEDs and actinic Blue LEDs are incorporated to highlight colors throughout the aquarium, in addition to providing basic aquatic life support. Included with the Stingray are clear plastic legs that can slide within the hoods track.

Premium Aquarium LED Light Constructed

Elegant Metallic Silver Aluminum Hood

The Finnex Stingray 2 Aquarium LED light utilizes a sleek designed aluminum hood. Having countless advantages over plastic aquarium housed lighting, the elegant metallic silver can turn even the basic aquarium in to a living room centerpiece. Dual grooves acting as heat sync allows the fixture to run as cool as possible, extending the life of the LEDs.

Plant Supporting LED Configuration plus Moonlights

The Finnex Stingray 2 Aquarium LED utilizes a combination of Daylight, 620nm Reds, and Blue LEDs fully capable of supporting most aquatic plant life. In addition to being significantly brighter than the original Finnex Stingray LED series, the Finnex Stingray 2 allows users the option to turn on crisp blue moonlight LEDs for one's nighttime viewing pleasures.

Quality Upgrades Top to Bottom

Quality & Longevity our top priority, the Stingray 2 Aquarium LED also features: Moisture resistant LED coatings, redesinged, audited, and certified hardware (Intertek 5010507 issued 2018) and power supplies, and moisture rocker switch sleeves!

12" 12"x2.3x.98 (H) +2" H 7 Watts AC110V-240V DC 15V 28 White / 4 Red / 4 Blue
16" 16"x2.3x.98 (H) +2" H 13.5 Watts AC110V-240V DC 15V 32 White / 8 Red / 8 Blue
20" 20"x2.3x.98 (H) +2" H 16.5 Watts AC110V-240V DC 15V 44 White / 8 Red / 8 Blue
24" 24"x2.3x.98 (H) +2" H 19 Watts AC110V-240V DC 15V 56 White / 8 Red / 8 Blue
30" 30"x2.3x.98 (H) +2" H 26 Watts AC110V-240V DC 15V 60 White / 12 Red / 12 Blue
36" 36"x2.3x.98 (H) +2" H 29 Watts AC110V-240V DC 15V 72 White / 12 Red / 12 Blue
48" 46.5"x2.3x.98 (H)* +2" H 37 Watts AC110V-240V DC 15V 112 White / 16 Red / 16 Blue

*Actual length of fixture measures 46.5" With legs, fixture can extend up to 48" length

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