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Captive-Bred Saddleback (Amphiprion polymnus) PAIR - ORA

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Captive-Bred Saddleback (Amphiprion polymnus) PAIR - ORA
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This unique clownfish grows only a partial center stripe, which is saddle shaped, hence the name Saddleback Clownfish. There is a black color variant of this species that has a full center band, making it similar in appearance to the A. sebae species. This species ranges throughout the Indo-Malayan Archipelago, and is reported from northern Australia.

Traditionally a difficult species to maintain, wild caught specimens may need months of acclimation before they settle down to aquarium life. ORA captive bred A. polymnus are hardy in aquariums. They have an unusual “bobbing up and down” swimming motion, which is quite distinctive. Once established, they accept a wide variety of foods.

The Saddleback Clownfish nest averages about 500 eggs, and they can spawn twice a month.

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Approximate Purchase Size: 1.25" - 1.5"

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