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Captive-Bred Striped Blenny (Meiacanthus grammistes) - ORA

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Captive-Bred Striped Blenny (Meiacanthus grammistes) - ORA
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Meiacanthus grammistes is a Fang Blenny species that ranges in the Western Pacific from Indochina to Papua New Guinea, north to the Ryukyu Islands and south to Australia.  They have a yellow head and alternating black and white stripes that end in dots towards the tail. These beautiful Fang Blennies attain a maximum length of 4.5” in the wild, although in the aquarium they will mostly grow to 3.5”.

All Fang Blennies have high metabolisms and should be fed small amounts at least 2-3 times a day. They will accept a wide assortment of prepared foods and make themselves visible in the water column most of the time. The Striped Blenny should be provided with ample rockwork in which to hunt and hide when threatened.

In the wild they’re usually solitary and they’re often peaceful towards tankmates unless presented with conspecifics or similar looking fish.

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Approximate Purchase Size: 1.25" - 1.5"

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