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Kick Ich NANO (8 oz) - Ruby Reef

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Kick Ich NANO (8 oz) - Ruby Reef
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Reef Safe Kick-Ich -  is a water treatment for the control of itch (a.k.a. "white spot disease") in marine and freshwater aquaria. It has been scientifically formulated to eliminate the free swimming, infectious stage of the itch life cycle while being safe for all freshwater and marine aquaria. Kick-Itch has a long shelf life at room temperature and is supplied in easy to use, self-dosing bottles. Safe for all fish, corals, invertebrates and macro algae, as well as the facultative anaerobes and nitrifying bacteria essential to biologic filtration. Use for any tropical or marine aquarium with harmful bacteria, flukes, or iodine (marine velvet) Safe for plants and invertebrates. Remove all carbon, turn off protein skimmer and U.V. sterilizer. 


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