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Reef Evolution Sea Salt Bucket (160 Gallon Mix) - ASF

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Reef Evolution Salt has been formulated to fulfill the needs of reef tanks, with average fish population, with a regular supply of trace elements, calcium, magnesium and alkalinity. It contains food for beneficial bacteria, amino acids and vitamins that support the biological processes in your tank for optimal growth and coloring of your corals as well as the health of your fishes. Reef Evolution salt can be used permanently and for the setting of a new tank.
USAGE: Dissolve the required amount of salt in RO water, 35-37 grams of salt dissolved in 1 liter will give you a specific gravity between 1024-1025 at a temperature of 25° Celsius. Agitate until fully dissolved. We recommend a water change of 10 % of the total water volume every 1-2 weeks

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