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Reefer MAX 300 G2+ Black - Red Sea

Reefer MAX 300 G2+ Black - Red Sea
Reefer MAX 300 G2+ Black - Red Sea
Reefer MAX 300 G2+ Black - Red Sea
Reefer MAX 300 G2+ Black - Red Sea
Reefer MAX 300 G2+ Black - Red Sea
Reefer MAX 300 G2+ Black - Red Sea
Reefer MAX 300 G2+ Black - Red Sea
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Reefer MAX 300 G2+ Black - Red Sea
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The premium REEFER MAX series features the entire REEFER G2+ range in a Plug & Play configuration that can save up to $ 1,299! 

With the release of the REEFER DC Skimmer, ReefRun DC Pump and ReefATO+, Red Sea has finally completed the creation of an all-encompassing, ReefBeat App-operated ecosystem that caters to all reef system requirements. The REEFER MAX comes with all their smart lighting, filtration and circulation devices so the hobbyist can enjoy the full ecosystem experience, and be at ease knowing that all the essential equipment is included and compatible. 


ReefLED – reef-safe lights with a light intensity and spectrum that is 100% utilized by the corals.

ReefMat – fully automated roller filter with a unique mat replacement system that allows to switch rolls with zero hassle.

ReefWave – silent and powerful wave pumps with gyre patented, cross-flow technology. 

REEFER DC Skimmer – with game-changing self-leveling technology that prevents over-skimming and full cup spillage.

ReefRun DC Pump – powerful, energy efficient return pump with complete automation options.

ReefATO+ - an exceptionally reliable auto top-off system with a temperature monitor and Titanium leak detector.

Slide Out Control Panel – the perfect solution for easy mounting and access to controllers, dosers and other devices.

A new reefkeeping standard

Designed as the perfect reefscaping canvas, REEFER G2 tanks combine REEF-SPEC infrastructure with the freedom to install all your preferred hardware.

REEFER G2 systems come with a new and improved water management system, extra-fortified cabinets and aquariums, ReefMat & refugium ready sumps, extended warranty plans, and are available in a wide variety of sizes, to fit any space.

REEFER G2 systems are also the ideal platform for the full “Red Sea Experience”, combining our LED lighting, wave pumps, dosers, and filtration devices into one smart, synchronized eco-system operated via the ReefBeat App.

Rimless ultra-clear glass

REEFER G2 aquariums are rimless, and constructed from ultra-clear, beveled-edge glass with increased thickness of up to 19 mm or 0.75”.

Extra fortified plywood cabinet

The marine-spec laminated cabinets follow the contour of the glass, and are now all fortified and made of plywood. The “floating tank” feature is now reinforced with front aluminum supports on all REEFER 625 G2 models and bigger.

Dual return pump outlets

All REEFER 350 G2 models and bigger now have dual side-facing return pump outlets, creating an even better water distribution.

Surface skimmer

The piping is hidden inside a large central overflow box, which has a large surface skimmer with removable comb parts, for easy cleaning.

Silent downflow system

The enlarged rectangular inlet to the downflow pipe reduces turbulence, making it easier to regulate.

Assembly-ready piping

All pipes are preformed with quick connectors at all joints (no gluing required). Extra bulkhead connectors are available in both Metric and USA sizes for those that want to customize their sump piping.

High precision valve

All models now have a new and improved high precision valve on the downflow pipe, allowing for easy regulation of the flow and a near silent operation.

Professional REEF-SPEC sump

The professional sump includes a mechanical filtration media compartment (with micron filters & filter cups), which is easily removable, an optional refugium compartment, an adjustable height skimmer chamber for optimal skimmer performance, and a bubble trap to prevent air bubbles from returning to the aquarium.

ReefMat & Refugium

Plug & Play instalation for ReefMat 500/1200, together with Refugium.

ReefMat & Reservoir

Plug & Play instalation for ReefMat 500/1200, together with RO reservoir.

Chiller & hardware chamber

Most models come with an additional chamber that can be used for a chiller, controllers and other equipment.

  Reefer 170 G2 Reefer 200 G2 Reefer 250 G2 Reefer 300 G2
Display tank length 60 cm / 23.6 in 60 cm / 23.6 in 90 cm / 35.4 in 90 cm / 35/4 in
Display tank height 51 cm / 20 in 53 cm / 20.8 in 53 cm / 20.8 in 55 cm / 21.6 in
Display tank width 50 cm / 19.6 in 57.5 cm / 22.6 in 50 cm / 19.6 in 57.5 cm / 22.6 in
Total system height 137 cm / 54 in 140 cm / 55 in 140 cm / 55 in 142 cm / 56 in
Total system water vol. 165 L / 44 gal 200 L / 53 gal 245 L / 65 gal 300 L / 80 gal
Display tank water vol. 128 L / 33 gal 158 L / 42 gal 203 L / 54 gal 246 L / 65 gal
In-cabinet sump water vol. 37 L / 10 gal 42 L / 11 gal 42 L / 11 gal 54 L / 15 gal
Ultra-clear front glass 10 mm / 3.9 in 10 mm / 3.9 in 12 mm / 4.7 in 12 mm / 4.7 in
Ultra-clear side glass 12 mm / 4.7 in 12 mm / 4.7 in 12 mm / 4.7 in 12 mm / 4.7 in
Bottom glass 10 mm / 3.9 in 10 mm / 3.9 in 12 mm / 4.7 in 12 mm / 4.7 in




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