SMS Text Messaging Tracking Updates

Customer Opt-in - How to Get Text Updates

In order to receive Text Message updates of your package in transit you will need to opt in with your mobile phone number.  To do this, open the tracking email we send you with every package.  The subject of this email looks like "[Tracking] Where's My Stuff? Order #10021233"

Next, Click the tracking number link at the top of this email.  This will take you to your shipment tracking page, this page will allow you to see exactly what's coming, when and where it is.  On that page there will be a "Receive shipping & delivery updates by text" box where you can enter your mobile phone number and receive text messages.  When opting-in for the first time with that phone number, you customer will receive the welcome and confirmation message to let you know it was successful.


You will need to sign up for SMS notifications on each shipment that's sent. So, if you have multiple packaging shipping, you must opt-in for SMS Notifications on the Tracking Page for each one.

SMS Message Examples

When you first opt-in to SMS Notifications, you will receive a Welcome Message with instructions on how to stop the messages if you want to discontinue the service.

Mock up of a smart phone message with the text: Thanks for signing up for order alerts! We'll text you shipping & delivery updates. Text STOP to cancel.

Our Shipping Software sends the following SMS notifications about shipment statuses:

  • Delivery Date Announced

    A sample text message with the text: Your USPS package is due to be delivered on Mon, Dec. 04. Track at URL link.
  • Out for Delivery

    Text message example with the text: Your USPS package is out for delivery. Track at URL link.
  • Delivered

    Example text message with the text: Your USPS package has been delivered. More info at URL link.

Response Prompts:

There are only three words your customer can send and get an automated response: STOP, HELP and CANCEL. Any other responses will receive an automated explanation.

A text message example with the first message reading: Your USPS package has been delivered. More info at URL link. A reply message reads: Awesome. Another reply message reads: Sorry, we did not understand your message. Please use STOP, HELP, or CANCEL.