Tank Emergency Equipment Checklist

Tank Emergency Equipment Checklist


✓ Spare Saltwater Mixed up?

✓ Clearly marked “saltwater”?

Do you have enough salt to make even more saltwater (at least enough to make 35% of your tank’s volume)

Spare RO/DI water on hand?

RO/DI unit ready to go?

Filters fresh and not near end of life?

Spare aquarium or coolers on-hand?


Thermometer available for holding containers?

Spare heater?

Extra rock for places for fish to hide?

(Large PVC elbows and pipe if rock isn’t available)?

Air pump and bubbler?

Battery backup charged and wired in?

Generator gassed up and functioning?

Controller accessible and configured to email/text alerts?

Controller plugs labeled? (see page 1)

On-call tank buddy know they could be called?

On-call tank buddy’s number in your phone as well as written down on paper?

Sufficient cash or credit available for new equipment?

Spare powerhead(s)?

Coral Rx coral dip for when corals return to your tank?

Fish nets accessible, clean and free of tears?

Fragging tools ready to go? (in case colonies can’t be saved)

bone cutters


super glue

frag plugs

safety goggles (for soft corals)

tupperware to hold frags

Refractometer calibrated and on hand?

Flashlight with spare batteries?

Spare towels?

Test kits (Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate/Alkalinity) on hand?

*Note: If you live in a remote area, or do not have a local fish store within 1 hour driving distance of your house, I recommend you keep extra salt, holding containers, heaters, air bubblers and pumps on hand.