Vacation Settings

Aquarium VACATION Settings - Feeding/Preparing Your Aquarium to Thrive WITHOUT YOU! - Tank Automation

  • EHEIM Automatic "Everyday" Fish Feeder - EHEIM

    EHEIM Automatic "Everyday" Fish Feeder - EHEIM


    If you don’t always have time an automatic fish feeder is ideal. Also when on holiday. You can easily programme the feeding times as well as the amount of food and the fish feeder ventilates the food at precisely the    correct doing time...
  • Apex FMM Solenoid Valve (SV-1) - Neptune Systems

    Apex FMM Solenoid Valve (SV-1) - Neptune Systems

    Neptune Systems

    This 24VDC powered, normally-closed (NC), solenoid valve has push-fit tubing input and outputs designed for standard 1/4″ tubing. The electrical connection on this solenoid valve fits the DC24 accessory ports found on the FMM, 1Link, and Energy Bar...
  • Smart Skimmer Security - AutoAqua

    Smart Skimmer Security - AutoAqua


    Skimmer Security Made Simple Smart Skimmer Security by AutoAqua uses the uniquely-designed contactless optical sensor to prevent the protein skimmer from overflows. No moving parts to service or fail. Magnetically coupled sensor makes it super...
  • Autofeeder+ Fish Feeder - EHEIM

    Autofeeder+ Fish Feeder - EHEIM


    With the EHEIM autofeeder+ we offer you the smart version of our (basic version) autofeeder with additional functions and advantages.The EHEIM autofeeder+ is our intelligent automatic feeder with digital control via WLAN. All functions can be programmed...