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Real Life Reefing w/Mr. Saltwater Tank

Date: Sunday Nights, 9:30 Eastern, 8:30 Central, 7:30 Mountain, 6:30 Pacific
There are book smarts and there are street smarts. Both valuable, yet both very different. In our brand new educational program - Real Life Reefing - we’re combining both to bring you the ultimate reefing educational experience. Real Life Reefing isn’t another video series, it’s a live webinar where you will learn, have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Mr. Saltwater Tank.
What does it cost? $0. It’s 100% free.
How to register for the Real Reefing Webinar series? Just follow this link: (
We want you to have success with your tank and we’re excited to bring you this new learning opportunity.
Session 1: Sunday, March 29th
Session 2: Sunday, April 5th
Session 3: Sunday, April 12th
Session 4: Sunday, April 19th
4 Sessions

New Program - Real Life Reefing Webinar Series