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Adaptive Reef

6 Way Apex Switch Toggle Box - Adaptive Reef

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6 Way Apex Switch Toggle Box - Adaptive Reef
6 Way Apex Switch Toggle Box - Adaptive Reef
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Adaptive Reef in conjunction with Harry's Aquatics is pleased to bring a full line of products designed to work with and enhance the user experience with aquarium controllers. From switch control boxes and 0-10v based devices to warning lights and audible alarms, many accessories are in the works. All are built into a standardized mounting solution.

This switch box plugs into the IO port, which is available on all apex controllers and additionally on PM1, PM2, PM3, and ASM modules.

The left and right red toggle switches (Switch 1 & 6) are latching, meaning they stay closed when triggered until you lower them again. The primary use for the toggle switches is to turn something on or off that must stay in that state until you return the toggle to the normal position. For example, one can code an Emergency Shutdown Mode, a Water Change Mode, or turn on your stand lighting.

The metal buttons (Switch 2-5) are momentary switches, which are only closed when depressed. This can be used with appropriate Apex code to start timed events that return to normal operation after a set time. Some examples would be timed Feed Mode, a Photo Mode, to activate stand lights for X minutes, etc. The customization and coding possibilities are endless, using the momentary button to commence your program.


  • 6 Toggle/Switch Box
  • 8ft Black Removable Cable
  • Instruction Guide
Size: Length: 5" x Height: 3" x Thickness: 1.75" 

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