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C-Balance 2 Part Supplement (2 Gallon Set) 2x - 1 Gallon Bottles - Two Little Fishies

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C-Balance 2 Part Supplement (2 Gallon Set) 2x - 1 Gallon Bottles -  Two Little Fishies
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C-Balance® - Two Part Balanced Ionic Supplement of Calcium and Buffer for Marine Aquariums Manufactured by Two Little Fishies

This two-part calcium and alkalinity maintenance system adjusts calcium, magnesium, and strontium ions to natural seawater ratios, and achieves a balanced ionic residual. Makes replenishment of calcium and alkalinity easy, and keeps your calcium and alkalinity in perfect harmony, assuring the optimum conditions for growing stony corals and coralline algae.Balancing calcium and alkalinity is one of the most important and least understood problems aquarists face today. Amidst the slew of products available to us, some work and some don't. C-Balance, from Two Little Fishies is a user friendly and effective product that allows us to maintain our water chemistry at the appropriate levels, with no second guessing. C-Balance is one of Quality Marine's newer additions, and promises to be one of the best.

The benefits of using C-Balance include: It is a two-part system, bottle ‘A' being the calcium component and ‘B' the alkalinity component, which replenishes calcium and carbonate alkalinity with the correct ratio of major and minor ions, including magnesium and strontium. Promotes more stable water chemistry for your animals. Non-fluctuating and stable levels encourage the health and growth of corals and various invertebrates. By testing calcium and alkalinity, and then following the C-Balance directions to determine the correct dosage, the aquarist virtually eliminates the possibility of dosing incorrectly and creating an ionic imbalance in the aquarium. Replenishes some salts lost via protein skimming and evaporation. Works well with other means of controlling chemistry, including Kalkwasser drip systems and as a supplement to calcium reactors (if testing indicates such supplementation is needed).

For ease of use, measuring caps are provided and the directions on the bottles are very concise and easy to understand. There are many different schools of thought on what your calcium and alkalinity ‘should' be. As a general guideline in regard to marine systems, calcium levels are suggested to be maintained within a range of 350-450ppm and alkalinity between 8 to 12 dKH. Besides calcium and carbonates, there are many other elements that keep our water chemistry balanced. C-Balance has a unique formulation which helps to keep these elements at balanced and natural levels.It is an accepted practice to run your calcium on the higher side if you are supporting a dense population of stony corals in relation to your tank volume. However, there is a very possible risk of precipitation due to this practice.

Precipitation (sometimes referred to as a ‘Snowstorm') is a detrimental effect of misapplication of calcium, causing your alkalinity to crash suddenly, your pH to suffer, and your coral to potentially die. Using C-Balance correctly greatly lowers this possibility. Testing before you dose is the key and most critical element! Testing is the only sure way to know how much calcium and carbonates should be added. As such, store owners should make it a point to sell test kits along with the additives. Salifert and Tropic Marin both provide excellent and easy to use test kits, which are also available here at RMS.

A two-part solution for replenishing calcium and alkalinity. Adjusts calcium, magnesium and strontium ions to Natural Seawater ratios, and achieves a balanced ionic residual. Promotes the optimal conditions for stony corals and coralline algae.

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