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Reef Dudes - Fans of Deven Rich

We have created a 5% Discount for all fans of REEF DUDES, Deven Rich's Followers.  You will receive 5% off All Non Strict MAP Brands on every purchase you make.  The way it works instead of a coupon code, register on the website and submit the form to the side or if you already shop with us just submit the form.  We will put your account in a special customer group that will receive 5% OFF all orders of NON MAP Brands without having to remember to enter any coupon or promo codes.  Just submit the form once, we will add you to the customer group and let you know when your discount is active.  It's that EASY!

The following brands are price controlled by the manufacturer so we are not allowed to discount the price of the following brands except for certain planned sales dates.  Also some of the following brands allow a maximum of 1% reward points to be awarded for future purchases.

STRICT MAP BRANDS - 1% Rewards, No Discounts or Coupon Codes Allowed.


  1. Abyzz
  2. Alkatronic
  3. Aqua Illumination
  4. AutoAqua
  5. Clarisea
  6. Easy Reefs
  7. EcoTech Marine
  8. Giesemann
  9. Ice Cap
  10. Kamoer
  11. Kessil
  12. Klir
  13. Maxspect
  14. Neptune Systems
  15. NYOS
  16. Red Sea
  17. Reef Octopus
  18. Tunze
  19. Waterbox