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Ecotech Radion Gen 5 - G5 XR30 XR15 Pro & Blue Released!

Posted by Ken Brown ,Feb 17th 2020
Ecotech Radion Gen 5 - G5 XR30 XR15 Pro & Blue Released!

What is the Difference between the Radion G4 & G5?

The Radion G5 is 35% more light (now 205-215 Watts) coming from over one hundred LEDs, controlled across ten channels, spread out by an improved version of the HEI lenses, and thoroughly cooled with a custom designed fan with moonlights.  There are now 2 models of each XR 30 Radion and XR 15 Radion.  XR30 G5 Pro, XR30 G5 Blue, XR15 G5 Pro & XR15 G5 Blue.  The difference between PRO & BLUE is the selection and arrangement of LED's in the light.  The Blue has a blue dominated LED matrix tuned to the AB+ Corallab Spectrum recommend for optimal coral growth.

The New G5 Radions are not Apex compatible (even with the WXM) and do not work with Reeflink.  To control the LED's you must use Ecotech's new Mobius App.

Some Common Q & A

Q: Will Radion G5 models work with Ecosmart Live and the Reeflink?
A: No. The Radion G5 platform will only work with the free Mobius App for iOS and Android.

Q: If the G5 does not use ESL it will not work off-site through Wi-Fi correct?
A: That is correct. Initially local wireless control through your smart device only. Wi-Fi control and Mobius access from off site will be enabled in the future.

Q: Can the spectrum of the G5 PRO be matched to the G4 PRO?
A: Yes. Although the optics, LEDs etc are different - the core spectrum is the same and the flexibility of the G5 will match the G4. Peak PAR is higher on the G4 but the G5 produces more light (spread) in total.

Q: What about mounting?
A: Original Single ARM RMS mounts can be adapted to fit the G5 X-brackets. MultiLight Rails and Arms do not need any modification although the newly designed G5 Xbrackets are needed to mount G5 XR30s.