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RODI Flood Guardian = Game Changer

Posted by Ken Brown ,Nov 7th 2018
RODI Flood Guardian = Game Changer

bout once or twice a year a product will be released that is a game changer in the industry.  For 2019, this is it.  This device is what I've been looking for for years.  Basically it's an optical sensor that can go on virtually any bucket/trashcan/etc via magnet that will shut off your RODI when the water reaches the sensor.  That's it.  

In the end it saves your floors from being flooded using a simple magnetic optical sensor & solenoid.

Get Yours Here -

Keep it simple and prevent the #2 killer of the aquarium hobby.  Water on floor, have you ever left your RODI on and forgot about it?  No problem now, just put one of these bad boys on your water line/bucket and you will have flood protection.

Optionally, use the RO/DI Flood Guardian with a 7-day timer to automatically refill your ATO reservoir. Simply program the timer to turn on once every 1-7 days and the system will refill your reservoir based on your timer settings. No more TDS Creep!

  • World’s first and only electronic float valve kit
  • Prevents unwanted floods when making RO or RO/DI water
  • Installs & uninstalls in seconds
  • Magnetic-mount sensor – no drilling needed
  • Dual-Optical Sensor for extra security
  • Easily moves from one reservoir to another (brute, jug, bucket, tank, etc…)
  • Safe, low 12V voltage
  • Works in complete darkness