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What's the Deal Apex EL ($499) vs Apex WIFI ($799)

Posted by Ken Brown ,Oct 11th 2018

New from Neptune Systems. The Apex EL. EL (Entry Level). A lower cost option to the Apex WFI often referred to as gold. This system will give you access to the Apex world for under $500 bucks. You get everything you need to get started with all the great expandablility options Neptune Systems has to offer.

The Apex EL is missing 3 things vs it's big brother the Apex WIFI Gold ($799)

  1. The Apex EL does not have the ability to measure salinity native.  It's missing the salinity port & probe.  These can be added at a later time by purchasing a PM2 Module & Salinity/Conductivity Probe.
  2. The Apex EL is missing the 0-10v port which allows the apex to control external devices like Kessil LED's, Vario Pumps, etc.  This can be added later by using a VDM Module.
  3. The Apex El is also missing the ORP port & ORP Probe.  These can be added later by using a PM1 Module & Probe.

So there you have it.  The apex EL is exactly the same as it's big brother except for the 3 things missing above, all which can be added at anytime by purchasing a module and/or probe.