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HI758 Hanna Checker Troubleshooting Tips

Calcium Checker Troubleshooting Tips 

  1. Never rinse your cuvettes with tap water or saltwater
  2. Use pure vapor distilled water from your local pharmacy at C1 phase. RODI water from home filtration units may not be suitable for this test as calcium can easily permeate through your filter membranes. Even though your TDS meter may read "zero" that number is subjective as you have to factor in the accuracy statement of the meter itself and if your storage reservoir has been contaminated.
  3. Clean your cuvettes with distilled or deionized water absent of Calcium that is going to be used for C1 phase dilution.
  4. Measure out 9 ml of distilled or deionized water for C1 phase
  5. Make sure no excess aquarium sample saltwater is on the tip of the pipette. Only administer the saltwater that is sucked into the pipette tip.