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Neptune Systems GRO Refugium LED - New Product Announcement!

Posted by Ken Brown ,Mar 9th 2021

Some of the most successful reef aquariums employ the use of a macroalgae-filled growth area or refugium for the purpose of nutrient control. The GRO is a specialized, 20W LED light designed to grow many types of common macroalgaes (i.e. Chaetomorpha) using a specialized light spectrum which maximizes photosynthesis. It plugs directly into any available DC24 port in your Apex ecosystem, or alternatively, it can also be run completely standalone.


It’s easy! Growing and harvesting macroalgae in a compartment in your sump, or in a full-blown refugium, is the natural way to reduce unwanted nutrients in your reef aquarium. It also creates a home and reproductive area for beneficial micro-fauna that consume waste and provide a food source for corals and fish. Growing macroalgae opposite your normal light cycle (called reverse daylight photosynthesis or RDP) also helps raise and stabilize your aquarium pH.

Only three things are necessary to get started:

1. A sequestered place in your sump or filtration area that has adequate water flow.
2. A “start” of macroalgae such as chaetomorpha – get it online, from a LFS, or from a reefkeeping buddy.
3. A proper light source, like the GRO.

Neptune Systems GRO Refugium LED - New Product Announcement!